Le Pave Faubourg


I have been trying this for the second time – le pave faubourg de pierre hermé.
I’m still not pleased with the way it looks but we all love the way it tastes!
A layered cake filled with a chocolate and caramel ganache and marinated dried apricots.
Not too difficult to make a bit time consuming maybe thats all.
The best thing is the recipe gives you two cakes and you can easily store it for some days.

But the cake on the picture of the cookbook looks shiny on top with these deep lines from the fork at the sides – I guess
I have to practice a lot more to get there. But this is probably not a bad thing .
Most difficult thing is to put the gold on, that thing is so damn delicate. I want it to look either really random but with some zen spirit to it 😉 or then very precise. So far it just looks random but not in a nice way. Practicing certainly helps to the get the skills but my wallet probably won’t like it.

Any way, its’s actually is all practicing to be able to copy the “carré d’or” you will get at the frerres marriage teahouse in paris.
I’ll keep practicing…