Granola from Sooishi

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I was well surprised when I came home from Paris and found a big parcel from sooishi on my desk.
In it were the new sooishi granola. To me finding a granola I like has so far been an almost impossible task.
Hard to say why, most of them just taste to “healthy” to me. I usually like other peoples granolas better than the ones I buy but I never asked what they buy. So I basically ended up eating no granola, just berries and greek yogurt.
Sooishi granolas are different and I love them. They come in 3 variations: Peacan nuts, Matcha tea and Pistacio and Kinako ( soybean flour) , cashew nuts and peanuts . The matcha one is my favorite!
I love to eat them with a little bit of greek yogurt and some honey. Perfect start into the day.

She is also selling highly recommendable jams but one has to be very quick to get one – they sell so fast.

The Granolas cost approx. 10.- for the 300 gr package and can be ordered online in the sooishi boutique.