Italian Basics N°3 – Risotto


Pesca di Spada con Risotto and Fava

Not that my son son would suddenly eat fish but risotto is on of his favorites and sometimes he even likes fave beans.
Risotto is a dish that my son always likes to help because stirring is the only thing he has to do – perfect for the lazy cook.
The only problem is that one has to be careful not to get hit by splashes of the bubbling risotto, they can really burn your hands.

I always make my Risotto like THIS.

We used red onions for this risotto which gave it a really funny rose color which my son loved.

It’s the first time I actually made Pesca di Spada and we were quite happy. I just had it cut really thinly at the fishmonger then marinated it with salt and pepper.
Then it went into the very hot  grid pan for less 1 minute on each side.  Then drizzled with some lemon.


I fell in love with the fishmongers wrapping paper.

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