Indian Feast

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Lucky me, Kevin brought me this cookbook from London. He’s been eating at the Cinnamon Kitchen and liked it so much he bought the book. In my twenties I travelled to India several times and cooked a lot of Indian food but at one point I totally lost interest in it. I rarely fancy going to an Indian restaurant, but when we go I always love the food… Malabar in London being my favourite .



India back in 1988

A new cookbook is always a good reason to change on old habit. More Indian cooking in the Coeur de Sel kitchen! First up was the Keratin Seafood Pie. Delicious indeed!

Two weeks ago we had a proper Indian feast: Sardines with chilli and apricot glaze, char-grilled broccoli florets with rose petals ans almonds, stir fried greens and naan bread.

What I like so far with this book is the fact that the recipes are quite easy, good for everyday cooking.
Great Indian dishes, with fresh modern twists.


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