Cooking with mala


We had pleasure to learn a few sri lankan dishes from mala the housekeeper in our lovely air bnb villa in the jungle.

Mala is probably the sweetest person we met on our travels through Sri Lanka. She is the house keeper of the lovely air bnb we stayed in the southern province and she is a stunning cook.

A single woman ( her husband left her when the kids were little ) who worked in several families abroad in order to feed her kids. We stayed 4 nights and once we discovered how good a cook she is we never went out for dinner any more. So nice listening to her stories and her very catching laughing. There seems to be something very special about Sri lankan woman. The ones I have got to know better so far ( also back home in switzerland ) seem to be very strong and positive even though their lives are very difficult.
Seems like neither forced marriage nor abusive or in existent husbands can break these women -they keep their humor and good spirit – amazing!

We will try to re-cook the dishes the showed in the next weeks and if we are pleased I will post them here.

If we are not we will have to go back and she has to show us again 😉

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