Risotto with fresh peas


300 gr fresh peas
1 spring onions
a hand full of mint leaves
good quality risotto rice (I prefer carnaroli type)
2 gloves of garlic
vegetable stock
a hand full of basil leaves
1 dl noilly prat vermouth
50 gr parmesan
lemon zest
maldon salt

Cook the peas with a hand full of mint leaves and  one whole garlic in salt water till al dente.
Drain peas, mint and garlic and keep aside 1,5 l of the water. Set aside.


Fry the spring onion, the chopped garlic and the rice in a big lump of butter. Add a bit of the vegetable stock and stir. Continue stirring always adding vegetable stock when needed.


When almost al dente add 2/3 of the peas.
Mix the remaining peas, the  mint, garlic and the pea liquid in a food processor.

Continue stirring, add 1 dl vermouth, the mixed peas.
When al dente ad the chopped basil leaves, 50 gr grated parmesan and an other lump of butter. Stir to incorporate the flavours. Season with black pepper, lemon zest and  maldon sea salt.

This recipe is inspired by the great "Rivercafe cook book Green"


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The art of Risotto

my risotto

Talking about risotto: Risotto is probably my favourite dish. We have it at least once a week.
I have to say I'm mighty proud on my risotto, I would even say I do one of the best risottos :-)
Then again the it's based on Alice Vollenweiders Risotto.
I read her risotto essay in the fantastic book:
Kulinaritaten: Ein Briefwechsel zwischen Alice Vollenweider und Hugo Loetscher

For my risotto I sweat the rice (always use good quality rice) with onions and a big lump of butter.
I do this for quite some time, until I have the impression the butter is dropping out again.
Then I add about 1 dl good white wine, Sancerre is definitely my favourite.
From now on I stir the risotto constantly, I never walk away from my risotto and I don't do anything else than stirring for the next 30 -40 minutes! From time to time I add more vegetable stock and some more wine.

When the rice is al dente I add parmesan and black pepper (which I prepared before I started stirring).
Never let your risotto sit around in the kitchen, serve it immediately!

Another must for me is the braised salvia on top.

Here the risotto is accompanied by chévre in puff pastry.

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