Tangerine jam


I don’t like to admit it, but our boy is very picky when it comes to food. He always was like this, he hated the first ever mash ( it was carrot ) we made him. Today he could live from pasta and parmesan cheese. Vegetables he likes as long as we don’t cook them. Risotto is fine but please no rice! Strangely enough he loves salad, asparagus  and artichokes ( the later ones cooked ). But fruits are basically a no go. Apples sometimes and tangerines.

For christmas we wanted to make some kitchen gifts for friend and family, jams are easy and nice but apple jam? So we were left with tangerine. In my cookbooks I couldn’t find a single tangerine jam recipe and on the internet I found several, all totally different. So I decided to do a bit of a freestyle. Tangerine juice cooked with a bit of cinnamon and some tangerine zest…et voila.  Let me tell you the result is just delicious! We’ve already eaten 3 pots and made a second load.




2- 3 Kg Tangerines  should give you 1l of tangerine juice

1 Cinnamon stick

800 – 1000 gr sugar

1 Lemon


1/2 tangerin zested

Peel the tangerines and juice them in a juicer. Bring to boil ( together with the cinnamon ) in a pan with a heavy bottom. Let it cook for several minutes. Add the sugar and the pectin according to the package instructions. Every gelling agent  need a different procedure it seems. Add the juice of the lemon and the zest and fill into the warm glasses.