Pear and Roquefort pie


I work way to much at the moment, it’s buying season and instead of trying new recipes from my lovely new cookbooks I run from one fair to the other.  Hotel breakfast and the junk food one usually eats  during the day don’t make me feel too good either. In the evening we usually eat out but tis time I was to late with reserving tables so all the new restaurants I wanted to try were already fully booked.

Anyway I have a weekend at home and was full of ideas of things to do and to cook. Sadly I realized very quickly ( friday evening this means) that I am way to exhausted. And that instead of cooking great dinners, sewing this new pants I intended and blog a lot I should go for a walk in the wintery landscape and sleep a lot.

At this state I wish I would know more fast but yummy dinner recipe. Usually I do THIS but this involved too much different pans and plates, means to much cleaning up afterwards …

This is probably the simplest  dinner I know and while it’s baking one can take a hot bath, read a book or watch some telly.



you need:

6-7 pears

puff pastry

roquefort cheese

Roll out the dough, wash the pears cut into quarters and lay out on the dough.

Bake on 200° for 20- 30 minutes. Take the pie out sprinkle over the the roquefort cheese and put back into the oven and bake for another 10 minutes on 150°.

Serve with green salad or maybe a light soup.

Bon app!