Last winter I decided that I want to make my own macarons. This may sound stupid since we have sprüngli in Bern and zürich and now we even have Ladurée in zürich. But the idea to be able to make my own little colorful macarons was to tempting. I’m really getting into baking recently, but would I manage this task? I bought “solution macarons” from mercotte –  in french! All my cook books are either in english or in german. My french is not too bad but my kitchen french definitely need some improvement…. Then I had to place some online orders to get all the equipment. Perforated baking trays, a thermometer, colors …. I read the recipe a hundred times then I had to decide wether I should make a meringue italian or meringue francaise . But foremost I needed egg whites that have been separated from the yellows for several days. So this weekend I finally managed to have everything ready.

Here the some images from my first try:


boiling hotamandes



And here they are, aren’t they sweet? They don’t look perfect ( but quite good 🙂 )but they tasted really nice.


Macaron à la menthe


Macaron au chocolat


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