Witches Birthday Feast

Last weekend was our sons Birthday party. He wanted it to be a witches party.

We made some really fun things like a very scary witches cave in our cellar and we cooked  some serious magic potion with our witches.


Kids party means chocolate cake but since we always invite friends for beer and chips afterwards and we never have enough food I started to rummage through some cookbook in search for more cakes I could bake. It happened what always happens … I can’t decide, I find plenty of things I’d love to do. Whilest my studies I came up with the idea of having a very scary round table with things witches eat  – like toad slime and bats poo.

I baked till total exhaustion but it was worth it. Lot’s of fun and my son really loved it.

matcha flourr0015023-tm


Work in progress.


Pierre Herme’s Nutella tart .


The spider ring.


Insects pie.


the lovely cheese cake from foodbeam for the fearful ones.


spiderweb cakes.


matcha cupcakes.


and of course some jelly and a proper birthday cake.

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